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Parker Chelsea PTO Build Program

WIT stocks a wide range of Chelsea Power Take Off units to meet your mobile hydraulics needs. We have access to the full range of Chelsea PTO's and we can customize and repair PTO's to meet whatever your needs are. We specialize in a few of our most popular models, but we keep a large variety of units and parts for other units on our shelves. Western Integrated Technologies is the longest running Chelsea PTO distributor in the world, so no one can beat our knowledge of this product.

Contact our Parker Truck Hydraulic Center in Sacramento, California for more detailed information on our Chelsea product line.




Chelsea PTO Literature

442 Series

  • Engineered to work with virtually all existing transmissions
  • Easy to set backlash
  • Wide range of shift and output options
  • Slip fit idler pin for easy interchange from one transmission to another
  • 6-Bolt Mounting Flange

489 Series

  • In 442 series family but with 8-bolt mounting flange
  • No adapter plate needed
  • Less installation time, less expense, and less chance of leakage
  • Equally wide range of shifter options and pump flanges


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