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WIT Fliers and Brochures

Western Integrated Technologies has fliers and brochures for all of our build programs, as well as several other product groups. WIT also has a few different brochures that cater to different markets. Rather than printing and sending all of these to every one of our customers, we've made this page available for anyone to download what they want, whenever they want.


WIT Fliers (Click the images to download the full size PDF):


Parker Hannifin   Hydraulic and Pneumatic   Parker LSHT
Chelsea PTO   Denison Vane   Kongsberg
Parker Piston Pumps   World Pressure Filters   Parker Valves
SSD Drives   Portable HPU   Repair Flier
Field Service Flier   gearpump flier  


WIT Brochures (Click the images to download the full size PDF):


WIT_General_Brochure V3   WIT_PowerGen_Brochure   WIT_Truck_Brochure
  Engine Management   portable HPU Brochure
Monitoring Brochure   Build Center Brochure