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Parker LSHT Build Program

WIT is a long running build center for the Parker LSHT motor. We focus on four main series of these motors, but we can get parts for other models as well. We can also find you a form/fit/function Parker LSHT replacement for some hydraulic motors from other manufacturers. We stock tons of parts, seals, and kits. Need a repair? No problem. We know this product line very well.

In addition to the factory literature, you will find helpful diagrams about configuring your desired motor, as well as a list of models that we can build in 24 hours or less, using what we have in stock. Follow the links in the third column below for this information.


TB Series

Light to Medium Duty

2.2 CID - 24.0 CID

Max Pressure - 2400 PSI / Max RPM 932

TB Motor


TE Series

Improved Medium duty

2.2 CID - 24.0 CID

Max Pressure - 2750 PSI / Max RPM 1000

TE Motor

TF Series

Tough Duty

4.9 CID - 29.1 CID

Max Pressure - 4000 PSI / Max RPM 749

TF Motor

TG Series

Extra Tough Duty

8.6 CID - 58.5 CID

Max Pressure - 4000 PSI / Max RPM 660

TG Motor


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