We build and customize Parker gear pumps - WIT

Parker Gear Pump/Motor Build Program

WIT's latest build program focuses on Parker's cast iron gear pumps and motors. We offer a wide range of standard drive shafts, mounting flanges, and port options, as well as extensive valve options. These units are designed for high efficiency and high pressure applications with low noise levels and maximum flexibility.


Cast Iron Bearing Units

Pressure to 3000 psi / 200 BAR

Speeds to 2400 RPM

Displacements from 16.2 to 202 cc/rev

Sizes available: 20, 30/31, 50/51, 75/76


Cast Iron Bushing Units

Pressure to 3500 psi / 241 BAR

Speeds to 2400 RPM

Displacements from 7.6 to 147.5 cc/rev

Sizes available: 315, 330, 350, 365



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