Parker commercial stack valves assembled for your application - WIT

Parker Commercial Stack Valve Build Program

We carry many types of valves at WIT. We offer a build program for our Parker commercial stack valves. We stock complete valve assemblies, sections, parts, kits, and anything else you need for your application, including control options. WIT can also do repairs and custom conversions of your valves.


VA20 40 GPM Valve

  • Built-In, full-flow relief valves
  • Parallel and series circuits in one bank
  • Manual, hydraulic, electric or pneumatic operation
  • Sectional construction for maximum flexibility
  • Spool changeover capability for right or left hand valve assemblies

VA35 70 GPM Valve

  • Exceptional size to pressure drop ratio
  • .47" spool stroke – industry leader; outstanding feathering control
  • Electrohydraulic operation now available
  • Differential main relief – quick response and low pressure rise

VG80 120 GPM Valve

  • High flow Valve
  • O-ring or 4-bolt Flange Ports
  • Pilot operate, manual or air piloted
  • 3500 PSI rated

VP170 Directional Control Valve

  • Flow-sharing for improved productivity, safety and operator comfot
  • Load-sense pressure compensated for improved system efficiency and fuel savings
  • Modular design enables better match between cost and value.
  • Low loop pressure drops for reduced horsepower consumption
  • Low pressure regeneration to solve cavitation problems of premature component failure


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