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Accumulator Adapter - TMA0600-3A

By   –  Published 6/24/2008

Did you know that...

The nitrogen escapes from your accumulator just like the air in a car tire? Without the nitrogen, the accumulator will not function properly which means your hydraulic system could be in trouble! TM0600-3ARather than experiencing machine downtime and paying a serviceman to troubleshoot your system, why not add a gauge to your accumulator? At a glance you will be able to monitor the accumulator and determine if it needs to be charged. This quickly eliminates a factor in your root cause system analysis. Our gauge adapter is designed to fit most accumulator applications and the accumulator can be charged directly through the adapter. Gauges are available in a variety of pressure ranges to suit your application.

Installing Gauge Adapter:
  1. Slowly remove nitrogen from accumulator by pressing the end of the air valve.
  2. When nitrogen is depleted remove air valve from accumulator.
  3. Make sure 2-014 o-ring is seated in gauge.
  4. Screw gauge adapter on to accumulator.
  5. Screw SAE gauge into adapter.
  6. Pre-charge accumulator to predetermined pressure.

To recap, with your TMA0600-3A you will be able to:
  • Verify accumulator pre-charge pressure
  • Check system pressure during operations
  • Charge or bleed off pressure directly from the adapter
  • Rotate the SAE gauge to be readable from any direction
  • Install easily
  • Monitor your accumulator and system continuously

The dry nitrogen in your accumulator dissipates over time and should be monitored for optimum system performance.
Please contact us with any questions.

TM0600-3A Accumulator Adaptor