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Electronic Displays and Dashboards

By J Johnston  –  Published 1/31/2014
 Electronic Displays at WIT

Kongsberg 1700

The KAntrak 1700 display allows the user to easily monitor critical engine   parameters such as oil pressure and water temperature as well as providing an alarm system to alert the user when the ECU detects an engine fault. Its compact size is ideally suited for use on low power vehicles and equipment such as small  construction machines, generators, and agricultural equipment.

Kongsberg 2700

The 2700 utilizes updated electronic hardware to provide optimum LCD performance. The ideal man-machine interface monitors numerous CAN-based messages and displays the current status of user defined parameters. The KAntrack offers easy integration into most third party CAN-based systems. It can also be combined with many other Kongsberg electronic products to create a full scale monitoring and control system for virtually any type of on-road or off-road vehicle.

Kongsberg 3700

The new 3700 takes the features of the 2700 one step further with a full color LCD screen that is capable of displaying more information at once, all with an anti-glare, 4.3 inch LCD screen. Data inputs and functionality have also been expanded and improved.

Parker IQAN MDL2

The IQAN-MDL2 is a central unit that works with a variety of expansion modules in an IQANdesign platform control system. The MDL2 works as a master, displays information, provides a data gateway and has a variety of flexible channels. The IQAN-MDL2 is intended for the in-cab environment and will display vehicle data and system information.

Parker IQAN MD4

The MD4 is a master display unit compliant with the IQANdesign platform system. The unit is fully programmable for use in any machine application as a master controller, a graphical user interface, and as a CAN gateway. The MD4 lets you use the full benefits from IQANdesign tools and simplifies the HMI design. IQAN-MD4 comes with a 7" touch screen display with IP camera support, and is manufactured to be weatherproof for outdoor use.

Dashboards at WIT

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Vansco dashboards are programmable and customizable displays that can be set up for many different applications. Our engineers at Western Integrated Technologies can assist with installation, setup, and programming of Vansco displays.

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