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IQAN Steering System

By J Johnston  –  Published 2/26/2014
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IQAN Steering System from WIT

The new IQAN Steering System from WIT allows smooth and precise control of hydraulic steering systems on jet boats. We combine the versatility and operating power of IQAN electronic controls, rugged displays, and Parker joysticks to create a completely fluid experience.

The Intellinder is a new product from Parker that uses absolute positioning to ensure consistent, accurate steering feel. It can be installed on almost any hydraulic cylinder.

The Parker LC-5 joystick controller is tough, light weight, and built to withstand large temperature variations and outdoor environments. With more than six button configurations and flexible input options, this controller can be installed almost anywhere.

The IQAN MD-4 is a tough and powerful touchscreen that can be used as a display for your steering system, in addition to many other systems.

In addition to the IQAN display, we also offer alternatives from Kongsberg Automotive. Check out the attached flier for more details and call us with any questions.