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Parker ICount Particle Detector

By M Jones  –  Published 4/12/2010
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 Automatic Filtering available with Icount Online Particle Detector

The new Parker iCount PD represents the most up to date technology in solid particle contamination analysis. It brings to all industry a truly revolutionary particle detector.

  • A remarkable cost-effective market solution to fluid management and contamination control
  • Innovative solutions prolonging fluid life and reducing machine downtime
  • A predictive analysis maintenance program enabling planned monitoring
  • Simple communication protocols used for user set-up, operation and output information

Minimum sample time:  3 seconds
Maximum sample time:  300 seconds
Repeat test time:  3 seconds
Principle of operation:  Optical detection of actual particles
International codes:  ISO 7-21, NAS 0-12, (AS-4059 00-12 available upon request)
Power requirement:  Regulated 9 to 40 Vdc
Internal Flow Range:  40 - 140 ml/min (optimum flow 60 ml/min)
Case construction:  User friendly bead-filled nylon material
Working pressure:  2 to 420 bar (6000 psi)
Communication options:  RS232, 4-20mA, 0-5Vdc, CANBUS and RS485

Add an ICount Particle Detector to a Parker Modulflow Portable Filter Cart for a "Smart" Filter Cart combination!

Attached to this document is the iCount Particle Detector Technical Information(.pdf)

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