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Remote Monitoring

By J Johnston  –  Published 1/28/2014
 WIT Remote Monitoring Program

Western Integrated Technologies has a new program that will allow customers to monitor their systems, mobile or stationary, from their desktop computer as well as smart phones, tablets, and laptops. We have several standard monitoring packages that we will be offering, but the flexibility of our program allows our customers deviate from these packages and to pick and choose what they need, without any of the services they do not need or want. Our customers have the option to create their own completely custom package, if they choose.


System Advantages

Track the location of your equipment in real time
GPS tracking devices are installed on your equipment. They can be tracked visually, in real-time, with an online map. Make sure your expensive equipment stays where it is supposed to be.

Set up and receive warnings to prevent mechanical problems

With up to 26 individual sensor locations of your choosing, your entire system can be monitored for potential mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical problems.

Reduce idle time and prevent operator error

Ensure your machinery is running at optimum efficiency and that your operators are not putting
unnecessary strain on various systems. If your machines are not being utilized most effectively, use your data as a training opportunity for your operators.

Completely customizable data inputs, reporting, and user interface

Our customers choose what, where, and how to monitor their own machines and systems. Run
customized reports and view real-time data on custom dashboards.

Access your equipment anywhere, at any time

No need to run to the job site. Simply log in through your smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer and monitor all of your equipment from anywhere with an internet connection.

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