Troubleshooting Hints For All Types Of Pumps - Part 1 - WIT
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Troubleshooting Hints For All Types Of Pumps - Part 1

By R Allen  –  Published 10/20/2008

Pump Not Delivering Fluid

  1. Insufficient fluid in reservoir
  2. Suction line or strainer clogged
  3. Air leaking into suction line preventing pump from priming
  4. Pump rotating too slowly
  5. Oil viscosity too high
  6. Oil lift too high, preventing pump from priming
  7. Improper pump rotation
  8. Sheared pump shaft or other broken internal pump parts
  9. Excessive contamination in pump
  10. Improper stroke adjustment on variable delivery pumps

Oil Accumulating Around Pump

  1. Worn shaft seal
  2. Head pressure on suction line causing oil to escape through loose or damaged connections
  3. Pump housing bolts improperly torqued or loose
  4. Case drain line restricted or too small causing shaft seal to leak (excessive case pressure)
  5. Pump housing cracked from being struck or over-pressurized
  6. Leaking pressure line or connection