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WIT Custom Manifolds and Machining

By J Johnston  –  Published 10/3/2014
CNC and Machining Capabilities

We often machine our own manifolds in-house at WIT. We have the machinery capable to machine both aluminum and Dura-Bar iron materials for applications over 3000 psi. Typical custom manifolds take two to three weeks to be completed, with an additional two weeks if valve installation is required. We can also rush manifolds for someone in a hurry.

Here are some specs from our machine shop:
  • Bore Limits: 14" depth
  • Material Limits: Tominaga 23", 29"
  • Mill 21" Sharp Bench 52" wide
  • Mill 21" Chevalier with Centroid Controls CNC (48" wide)
  • Lathe: 14" diameter, 24" length
  • Haas V3F: 38" length, 10" width

Take a look at our work:

If you have any questions about our capabilities, or would like a quote on your own project, please contact our Production Manager. Our engineers can help you design the system you need, and our crew in the machine shop can build it.

Rod Hawkins
Production Manager
Phone: 800.783.5843