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Kittiwake Fluid Monitoring

Kittiwake was acquired by Parker Hannifin in July of 2012. Parker Hannifin is the global leader in motion and control technologies. Parker Kittiwake specialize in on-line and on-site solutions for condition monitoring of production critical plant and machinery. Their sensors and equipment facilitate rapid, informed decision makin... [More »]
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Oilgear PVWJ Pumps

WIT is an authorized Oilgear distributor. We stock several variations of the PVWJ pumps. Here is what Oilgear has to say about them: PVWJ open loop, axial piston hydraulic pumps by Oilgear are uniquely designed for enhanced stability and less maintenance in low to medium horsepower applications. Incorporating static seals (o-rings)... [More »]
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Kongsberg Automotive

Kongsberg Automotive at WIT   WIT has been a build center for Morse cables for years. Morse cables was purchased by Teleflex a while back, but now Morse is owned by Kongsberg Automotive. Now that WIT is officially a Kongsberg distributor, we have access to all of their products. From basic fittings and cable components, to throttle and ... [More »]
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Braden Winch

WIT has been selling and servicing Braden winches for years. Our winch experts can hook you up with the perfect unit for your application, however large or small that may be. Paccar Winch Division is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of winch, hoist and drive systems. Their products are sold under the nameplates of Braden... [More »]
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Stauff Products at WIT

Over the last 50 years, Stauff has become a leading supplier of accessories in the hydraulics industry. WIT is proud to now add Stauff to our growing list of available products. Here are some samples of our offerings: Stauff Clamps Clamping Systems for Pipes, Tubes, Hoses, Cables and Components Custom Designed Special Clamps ... [More »]
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Filter Experts

WIT Has Your Filtration Needs Covered Western Integrated Technologies is a leading source of filters and filtration products. We carry filters for hydraulic systems, pneumatics, and a variety of fluids. Not only are we a build center for Parker World Pressure Filters and spin-ons, but we are also a distributor for several other brands o... [More »]
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Helac Rotary Actuators at WIT

Helac Rotary Actuators WIT is an authorized distributor of Helac rotary actuators. Helac rotary actuators are smooth operating, high torque, no leak actuators that are used in heavy equipment applications across the globe. Helac has been an industry innovator for the past 40 years. The Helac factory is located near our corporate branch, ... [More »]
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Hydraulics leader in the Greater Seattle area

  Our Bellevue branch has been serving the greater Seattle area since 1969 . Since then, we have branched out to eight other locations across six states. WIT not only sells thousands of hydraulic parts , we can install those parts, service existing systems, and engineer solutions for your hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical needs. W... [More »]
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Gem Sensors Product Overview

 Gem Sensors Product Overview Gems Sensors & Controls designs and manufactures a broad portfolio of liquid level, flow, and pressure sensors, miniature solenoid valves, proximity switches and pre-assembled fluidic systems to exact customer application and manufacturing requirements. With over 50 years experience, and dedication ... [More »]
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PVWJ vs. PVWH Pumps - Engineered for Better Performance

Engineered for Better Performance The new PVWJ open loop, axial piston pump Oilgear’s new PVWJ open loop, axial piston pump delivers enhanced stability and less maintenance in low- to medium horsepower industrial and mobile hydraulic applications. An improved design from the PVWH pump, the PVWJ is completely interchangeable with the PVWH unit, equ... [More »]
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Effect On Low Voltage On Power Unit Operation

Summary Because of low voltage at the motor, a motor adequately size to drive a pump at a given pressure when operating at speed may not be able to start the pump against the same pressure. Normal Operation A typical AC induction motor used to drive a small displacement, high pressure hydraulic pump is a single-phase unit designed to operate ef... [More »]
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Electrical Power Distribution And Its Effect On Motor Operation

Summary Voltage drop in long electric supply circuits can have an adverse effect on motor performance.  Consider true voltage available at motor under load when specifying motors/power units Note : For the following, assume that the single-phase voltage at the step-down transformer feeding a facility is held at 120 VAC regardless of loa... [More »]
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Single-Phase Electric Motor Performance Characteristics

Summary Pull-up torque during starting is critical when specifying electric motors Note: For the following discussion, assume the voltage and signal frequency across the motor remains constant.  Power factor, variable-speed controls, and other arcane AC phenomena will be ignored. Motor Rating Continuous-duty electric motors are rated by... [More »]
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