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Parker DuraClean Hydraulic Fluid

Parker DuraClean TM Hydraulic Fluid DuraClean TM  is an ultra premium hydraulic oil provided exclusvely by Parker. The fluid has a unique additive chemistry designed to maximize oil life while providing optimum anti-wear protection for the components of modern hydraulic systems. WIT stocks five-gallon pails of DuraClean T... [More »]
KB Category: Fluids    -    Published: 12/19/2011 12:41:21 PM    -    Author: J Johnston

Additives For Petroleum Based Fluids

Additive Description Antiwear Reduces the wear on metal surfaces Antirust Protects rusting in your hydraulic system for ferrous metal materials Antioxidant Reduction of oxygen in the hydraulic system caused by a chemical reaction of petroleum fluid, water, oxygen, and metals Metal Deactivators Used to deactivate metal ions, ... [More »]
KB Category: Fluids    -    Published: 10/27/2008 7:00:55 AM    -    Author: J Johnston