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RTi Advanced Air System Technology

Reading Technologies Inc Advanced Air System Technology RTi offers a comprehensive pneumatic products specializing in the removal of contaminates from compressed air line. Major product lines include Eliminex High Flow Separators and Eliminex/Drain Combos Eliminizer Filter/Dryers and Eliminizer/Drain Combos Coalescers and Coalescer/... [More »]
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Parker EZ Inline Air Control Valve

 Parker EZ Inline Series Air Control Valves Features Robust Design-Wear compensation system and balanced spool design Simplified Ordering-Functions based on market demand Optimized Design-Ultimate design for industrial Markets Global Sourcing-Cost Effective Solutions Wear Compensation System (WCS)- Maximum Per... [More »]
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WDV2 Zero Loss Drain

Parker WDV2 Zero Loss Drain The WDV2 Electronic Demand Drain Valves, with zero air loss, are suitable for all compressed air system applications from aftercoolers to filters to receivers to refrigerated dryers. These drain valves activate automatically and are both reliable and economical. Features Zero Air Loss. Automatically Sel... [More »]
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WDV3-G Drain Valve

Parker WDV3-G Automatic Electrical Drain Valve The WDV3 Electrical Drain is designed to remove condensate from compressors, compressed air dryers and receivers up to any size, type or manufacturer. The WDV3 offers true installation simplicity and it is recognized as the most reliable and best performing condensate drain worldwide. The large orif... [More »]
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Parker PDRD Refrigeration Dryers

Parker PDRD Refrigeration Dryers Easy maintenance and operation with simple access to internal components Simple "Plug & Play" design Innovative PlusPack Heat Exchanger with robust all-in-one aluminum construction Ultralow 1.45 PSIG differential pressure saves energy "Slow Flow" Demister separation techno... [More »]
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Parker PT3J Moduflex Dry Air System

 Parker PT3J Moduflex Regenerative Desiccant Dryers High performance factory-filled desiccant cartridge Pressure swing adsorption offers long life Built-in filtration eliminates need for additional external filters Integral 0.01 micron inlet filter removes contamination from the airstream before it enters the... [More »]
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Parker Adjustable Velocity Fuses

 Parker Adjustable Velocity Fuse:  Increased Safety for Plant Employees The Need: Assembly plants often use hundreds of air drop lines for pneumatic tooling on its assembly equipment. Drop line hoses are often 15 feet or longer in length with a shut off valve at the top. If a hose ruptures there is instantly 15 feet of whipping ho... [More »]
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Best Practices With Parker PASS

Do you want to know the advantages of a Parker PASS (Parker Air Systems Solutions)?  The following is from the Parker PASS PowerPoint presentation: As much as 25% of air costs in a plant can be associated to simple leaks The higher the operating pressure, the higher the cost – artificial demand Compressor efficiency can be as l... [More »]
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