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Surplus Inventory

Get the parts you've been looking for at heavily discounted prices.

Western Integrated Technologies has thousands of parts on the shelves, at each of our nine branches. Occasionally, we have parts that were ordered for a customer that fell through. Sometimes we stock parts that end up just not being as popular as we thought they'd be. Whatever the reason, we have a long list of these extra parts that we call our Surplus Inventory List.

In an effort to make room for newer products, we have priced these items at incredibly low levels. Some products are priced below cost. In addition to this, we may even have some wiggle room on some of the larger dollar items. Don't like our asking price or you don't see a price listed? Give us a call and tell us what it's worth to you. We've also been known to give quantity discounts in addition to the already low prices.

For the ease of searching this list, we have created an Excel file for you to download. This file is updated on a weekly basis, so check the date on your downloaded list before calling on a part. If no price shows up, or it's listed as "0" then please call us at (800) 456-6248 to get a proper price quote on that item.


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