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  • Government
  • MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Operations)

Forestry / Mills:
A forest product is any material derived from forestry for direct consumption or commercial use, such as lumber, paper, or forage for livestock. Wood, by far the dominant product of forests, is used for many purposes, such as wood fuel (e.g. in form of firewood or charcoal) or the finished structural materials used for the construction of buildings, or as a raw material, in the form of wood pulp, that is used in the production of paper. Some common products we distribute in this industry are pumps, motors, valves, and cylinders.

Industrial Plant MRO:
MRO refers to maintenance, repair and operation supplies. These are materials, equipment and supplies used in the production process at a manufacturing plant but are not part of the finished goods being produced. Some common products we distribute in this industry are HPU’s, pumps, filters, cylinders and injection molding.

Hydraulic Manufacturing: Hydraulics is a component mechatronics, which combines mechanical, electronics and software engineering in the designing and manufacturing of products and processes. We support this industry with a vast distribution channel of hydraulic parts, electronics, and software.  

Pneumatic Manufacturing: Pneumatics is an aspect of physics and engineering that is concerned with using the energy in compressed gas to make something move or work.  In manufacturing, pneumatic technology and automated solenoid valves can be used in an assembly line to move, process and package product. We support this industry with a vast distribution channel of pneumatic parts and services. 

Much like the automotive industry, hydraulics is used both in the production of airplanes and the machinery used to make them work.
These systems are used because they are very reliable. Hydraulic systems provide a high amount of pressure with a small amount of hydraulic fluid. Therefore, it’s used for such important aspects of the airplane’s functionality.
Airplanes, rockets, spaceships, etc.. use hydraulic systems for various applications. Aerospace industry uses hydraulics for adjusting wings, retraction, and extension of landing gears, opening/closing of doors, brakes, steering, etc.

One of the world’s greatest engineering challenges can be found in the agriculture industry. Improve your hydraulic systems for combines, sprayers and planters with mobile closed-circuit pumps, PC3, Compact Electro-Hydraulic Actuators(EHA), and other high-performance components.

When safe, rugged, long-life performance is needed, Parker’s HPS products are there to do the job. Parker offers a wide range of open-circuit hydraulic systems and closed-circuit piston pumps, vane pumps, bent axis motors, hydraulic conveyor motors, hydrostatic transmissions, and power unit solutions for a wide range of mining applications, including longwall mining machine, continuous, and surface miners, blast hole drill rigs, excavators, reclaimer/stackers, and conveyor systems.

Oil & Gas:
Hydraulic fracturing is one of the advanced mining technologies used for extracting unused gases/oils beneath the earth surface. In this approach, a high-pressure mixture of water, sand and other chemical additives are passed into the cracks.
Land based oil & gas fracturing relies on the dependability of the fleet equipment. Parker’s HPS division offers the life and performance of hydraulic products that fleet managers demand. Higher productivity starts with Parker’s open circuit and closed-circuit axial piston, radial piston, vane, and bent axis solutions for Fracking equipment including Blenders, Cementers, Frac, Coiled Tubing, Sand, and Hydration Trucks.

One of the many industries with a heavy dependency on hydraulic power is the marine industry. We know that from the U.S. Coast Guard and Navy to the critical transportation of cargo to the vital fishing industry, hydraulic components play an integral part in daily operations. Pumps, cranes, ramps, winches, steering ears, and capstans are just a few of the hydraulic systems that we maintain and service for our marine customers.
Vessels large and small rely on hydraulics for smooth sailing. Pleasure craft may need trim tabs, engine jack plates or hatch lifts. Larger vessels need hydraulic steering systems, bow thrusters, dredging, fishing, winches, and similar higher flowrate products. Parker’s HPS has both the small and the large covered from compact fluid power systems to open-circuit or closed-circuit hydraulic systems and variable displacement piston pumps and motors.

Working in construction is difficult. There are a lot of heavy materials that need to be moved, aligned, and put together. Anybody who has worked on a construction site will tell you that it gets tiring.
This is one of the many reason’s construction sites make frequent use of hydraulic equipment. Everything from jackhammers to bulldozers operate with the help of hydraulic systems.
Think of trying to move a giant boulder out of the way so you can build a house. You are not going to be able to push it. You cannot simply wedge a shovel underneath and roll it out of the way. Hydraulic systems allow for a lot of power in a relatively small space. Therefore, hydraulic industrial equipment is popular among construction site equipment.
Everywhere around the world construction companies are looking for higher hydraulic working pressures, better reliability, higher efficiencies, lower operating costs, and improved productivity from their heavy-duty equipment. Parker’s innovative line of hydraulic piston and vane pump and motor technologies allows these vehicles, such as excavators, backhoes, wheel loaders, dump trucks, and skid steers to meet and even exceed these demanding application requirements. When time is money, the construction market turns to Parker pumps have the industry best lead times to improve their bottom line.

Food & Beverage:
Extreme temperatures, high pressure, and high speed are conditions that occur quite often in the food and beverage industry. And that explains why you see hydraulic and pneumatic systems performing a wide variety of tasks from moving ingredients along for processing to final packaging and even product loading. These systems carry out innumerable tasks in every aspect of the food and beverage supply chain and can do so even in extreme conditions.
Here is just a sampling of where you can find hydraulics and pneumatics at work in the food and beverage industry:

• Forklifts used to transport raw ingredients and finished products.
• Conveyance systems that not only move products but can sort and distribute them to different destinations.
• Chopping, cutting, slicing, and dicing systems
• Ingredient dispensers for solids and liquids
• Massive mixers and blenders
• Blow-molding and manipulation of food-grade packaging
• Shaping and forming of food products
• Sealing of bottles and cans

You can find both systems at work in just about any preparation, processing, or packaging plant. They are regularly used to provide torque, force, displacement, and rotation not just to the products themselves but to other components within the system. They often serve as actuators along the production line to aid in any number of tasks, including opening and closing oven doors, aligning packaging with dispensers, redirecting certain types of products along the production line, and assisting with cleaning and sanitation processes.
However, hydraulics and pneumatics are not solely used as actuators. Along with cylinders, there are hydraulic motors that can generate tremendous torque for blenders and mixers as well as air compressors that can generate high-pressure, fast-moving blasts of air for everything from sorting to cutting.

Vocational Truck:

As the oldest, continuous running Chelsea distribution channel Western Integrated Technologies has the solution to your needs. As an authorized Chelsea build center, WIT can build and warranty units in house. By building in house, WIT can keep your equipment up and running with minimal down time. WIT has the experts to make purchasing easy and can build hoses while you wait, to get you back on the road quickly. With tens of thousands of PTO and Pump combinations, WIT can put the right combination together for your needs. WIT stocks many units that can ship quickly to keep your truck running because we know down time is money. As a Parker/Commercial gear pump build center, WIT has the qualifications and skill to build custom gear pumps within 24 to 48 hours so your truck can keep making money. Do you have a transfer set, super tag or end dump? If so, WIT also offers the latest and greatest in telescopic cylinder technology for your application and the bleederless design that will save you time and money. Need it all? We also offer complete Wet Kits!



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