Custom Control Panel Builds

Need Control Panels? You are in the Right Place!

At WIT, our dedication to crafting exceptional Custom Control Panels goes beyond mere assembly; it embodies an artistry in design and meticulous attention to detail. Recognizing the critical importance of well-organized wiring for future adaptability and efficient troubleshooting, WIT panels uphold a standard that eliminates the complexity of tangled wiring, ensuring seamless maintenance.

Moreover, WIT excels in meeting the stringent requirements for constructing UL508a compliant panels. Each Custom Control Panel, meticulously assembled within our 20,000-square-foot environmentally controlled workspace, reflects artisanal skill in both interior and exterior wiring. The result is a masterpiece, adorned with easily legible engraved labels, ensuring clarity in every aspect.

Whether adhering to your specific print specifications or collaboratively designing custom panels, WIT’s capabilities are tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our extensive experience spans diverse industries, including automotive, food & beverage, water/wastewater, and beyond. No project is too large or too small for our adept team. Request a quote by filling out the below form!



UL508a & UL698a Certified Panel Builder:

  • ISO 9001-2015 testing and checkout
  • UL508a and UL698a
  • Engineering review before starting a build
  • Built to your specs or custom design
  • Custom Enclosures
  • On-Site testing and support   
  • Custom WIT labels and tags
  • Nation-wide shipping



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